How do you machine appliqué with invisible thread?

In this article, I will share my personal experience and insights on how to machine appliqué with invisible thread, making your sewing creations even more appealing.

Invisible thread is clear or translucent, so it blends in with the fabric, making it difficult to see the stitches. This makes it a perfect choice for appliqué designs where you want the focus to be on the fabric, not the stitches.

appliqué with invisible thread

What is Machine Appliqué?

Before we delve into the specifics of using invisible thread, let’s briefly understand what machine appliqué is. Machine appliqué involves stitching a piece of fabric onto a background fabric to create a design or pattern.

It can be used for embellishing quilts, clothing, and home décor items.

appliqué with invisible thread

What You’ll Need

To begin your machine appliqué journey with invisible thread, gather the following materials:

  1. Invisible Thread: This thread is usually made of nylon or polyester and is nearly transparent, ensuring that your stitches blend seamlessly with the fabric.
  2. Sharp Needles: Use a fine, sharp needle to prevent snagging and ensure precise stitching.
  3. Fabric: Choose your fabric for the appliqué and the background fabric.
  4. Fusible Web: This adhesive material helps secure your appliqué piece in place.
  5. Sewing Machine: Ensure your sewing machine is in good working order.

To machine appliqué with invisible thread, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your fabric and appliqué design.
  2. Cut out the appliqué pieces and fuse them to the background fabric.
  3. Thread your sewing machine with invisible thread on the top and bottom.
  4. Select a zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.
  5. Position the appliqué piece under the needle and lower the needle and presser foot.
  6. Begin sewing, slowly guiding the fabric under the needle.
  7. Sew around the appliqué piece, using a narrow stitch width and a short stitch length.
  8. When you reach the end of the seam, backstitch to secure it.
  9. Trim any excess fabric from the appliqué piece.
appliqué with invisible thread


  • If you are new to machine appliqué, it is a good idea to practice on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing on your project.
  • Use a slow, even stitch speed to avoid puckering.
  • Be careful not to overstretch the fabric as you sew.
  • Use a stabilizer to help support the fabric and prevent puckering.
  • Press the appliqué after sewn it to flatten it and make it less visible.


 What type of appliqué with invisible thread should I use?

There are many different brands and types of invisible threads available. It is important to choose a thread that is specifically designed for machine appliqué. Some popular brands of invisible thread include YLI Monofilament Thread and Gutermann Sew-All Thread.

 What type of needle should I use?

You should use a sharp needle that is appropriate for the fabric you are using. A universal needle is a good choice for most fabrics. However, if you are using a heavy fabric, you may want to use a heavier needle.

How do I adjust the tension on my sewing machine?

The tension on your sewing machine will need to be adjusted when using invisible thread. The tension should be set so that the stitches are slightly loose. This will help to prevent the thread from breaking.

How do I avoid puckering when machine appliqué with invisible thread?

To avoid puckering, be careful not to overstretch the fabric as you sew. You may also want to use a stabilizer, such as a tear-away stabilizer, to help support the fabric.

How do I finish the edges of my appliqué design?

You can finish the edges of your appliqué design in a number of ways. One option is to simply trim the excess fabric and leave the edges raw. Another option is to zigzag stitch over the edges of the appliqué piece. You can also use a serger to finish the edges.

Is appliqué with invisible thread suitable for all fabrics?

 Invisible thread works well with most fabrics, but it’s essential to test it on a small piece of your chosen fabric before starting your project.

Can I use invisible thread for hand appliqué?

While an invisible thread is primarily used for machine appliqué, you can experiment with it for hand appliqué, but it may be a bit more challenging to work with.

Is it necessary to use fusible web for machine appliqué with invisible thread?

 Fusible Web helps secure your appliqué in place, making the process more manageable. However, you can also opt for other methods, like fabric glue or pins.

How do I prevent the invisible thread from tangling in the bobbin?

 Ensure your machine is well-maintained, and the invisible thread is threaded correctly to reduce the risk of tangling in the bobbin.

What other creative projects can I use machine appliqué with invisible thread for?

 You can use machine appliqué to embellish a wide range of items, including pillow covers, tablecloths, and tote bags, adding a personalized touch to your creations.


Machine appliqué with invisible thread is a beautiful and versatile technique that can be used to create a variety of projects. By following the tips above, you can easily machine appliqué with invisible thread and create stunning results.

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